Financial planning the way you deserve it.

You deserve a financial plan that works for you; one that addresses your specific needs and will help you build your financial story. At Dekker Financial Services we offer several tiers of services; from stand-alone products to comprehensive personal and business financial planning and guidance. Whatever your financial future looks like, Dekker Financial is ready to provide you with the expertise and experience you can depend on.


Personal Financial Planning

You have a vision and are looking for a comprehensive financial plan to get there. Our team will help coordinate wealth and risk management, estate and retirement planning, and tax strategies.

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Investment Advisory Services

Whether you are an experienced investor or financial novice, at Dekker Financial, we will work with you to customize a program to help you succeed.

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Business Planning For Owners & Entrepreneurs

You want to make your dreams into reality. You are creating something exciting and you need the freedom to build it. We will work with you to structure your business properly, coordinate your plans and identify any other possible opportunities.

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Additional Services

A solid financial future is more than just putting money into an account each month. We offer a complete suite of financial planning and investment services that are as unique as your needs and goals.

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When most people tie the knot, they expect their marriage to last forever. But over time, things — and people — change. If you find yourself facing a divorce as you’re approaching retirement, it can be overwhelming to think about facing two major changes at the same time.
Dekker Financial Services |
When it comes to planning for retirement, taxes probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind – but understanding them is necessary for developing the best possible retirement income strategy. Let’s take a look at how your retirement income can be taxed and why it’s important for you to know the implications that apply to your particular situation.
All too often, we get caught up in life’s biggest questions, like “What goals do you want to accomplish?” without giving enough thought to how you’ll accomplish them. Thinking about your future requires thinking about your full financial landscape, and this is where financial planning comes into play. Let’s take a look at the many different elements that make up a truly holistic financial plan, and how they can help you create the future you...