Divorce Financial Consulting

We are financial experts who calculate and analyze the full impact of the financial decisions in a divorce.




Working with divorcing individuals and couples, attorneys and mediators, Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting focuses on divorce settlement planning, lifestyle analysis and tracings, to assist in achieving the fairest and financially equitable divorce settlement. Personalized spreadsheets and reports are provided along with a complete explanation and analysis to help you understand the financial issues surrounding divorce: cash flow vs. assets, personal vs. marital property, tax issues, house and other real estate, retirement and pensions, and spousal maintenance. We encourage cooperation and collaboration in the interest of finding good solutions for all parties before they go to litigation; however, we recognize that this is not always possible. If you are facing litigation, we will provide you with the solid analysis and supporting evidence you will need.

There are not always easy solutions to complex situations. We can’t cut a house in half or provide a needed spousal support to care for two families. We look at what is available and where do we find the funds to establish a future for both parties. Thinking creatively is not an option, it is a necessity when it comes to finding a solution to a complex problem.