Tax Planning & Preparation

We are tax professionals who provide a wide range of services for individuals and businesses, including tax preparation and planning services.




Tax preparation requires the expertise to provide you with a tax return that is prepared both timely and accurately. We strive to help you find those deductions available to you and the best way of positioning your deductions.

Just because your return has been filed, doesn’t mean tax preparation has ended. We are always planning and preparing for the next tax season. This means sitting down with you to discuss what your goals are and strategizing the best way to achieve them. 

Tax planning is not a one and done event. Life changes and so will your finances and the tax laws that impact them. Whether you are trying to build wealth or distribute wealth, taxes can have a big effect on how much you get to keep. What works for you today, may not work for you tomorrow.



Intuit provides a powerful platform for you to upload your tax documents and complete your tax organizer. If you’ve already been sent an invitation, you can use this link to login, complete your tax organizer, and upload your tax documents. If you don’t have an invitation yet, please let us know so that we can get you an invite and move forward with your tax preparation.

Deadlines: The due date for S-Corp and Partnership returns this year is March 15, while the due date for C-Corp returns is April 15. The filing date for personal returns is April 15th.  To guarantee that your returns are completed on time, we absolutely must have all your documents by March 1st for S-Corp and Partnership returns and April 1st for C-Corp and personal returns. If we do not have your documents on time, we cannot guarantee your returns will be completed without having to file an extension.

Please note: When filing an extension, the extension grants you additional time to file the return, but the balance due (if any) is still due on April 15th. Any amount due will begin accruing interest as of April 15th. If this is a concern to you, please let us know so that we can talk about what your individual options are.